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DUST 514 now accepting beta registrations

Beta registration for the eagerly awaited MMOFPS PS3 title opens today.

CCP Games is ready to for gamers to sign-up and try out their revolutionary shooter that links its FPS gameplay to the spaceship based MMO, EVE Online. The registration page is now live and players can register at www.dust514.com/beta. If accepted, beta registrants will be notified with an email invitation and instructions on how to access the beta.

Following a successful closed beta, DUST 514 will bring massive scale warfare to the PS3 that will host FPS based ground wars on planets set in the EVE Online Universe. Described as an MMOFPS (does anyone know what happened to Huxely?).

Currently the limit for online players is a 48 player match but test games have been run hosting 128 player matches.  Players in the EVE Online MMO can provide an Orbital Bombardment for players fighting matches in DUST 514, in relatime.  Players in DUST 514 can return fire from their planets surface using Orbital Cannons, in a gaming crossover that will bind the two games together in a way that has never been seen before.

DUST 514 is set to launch in 2012, exclusively on PlayStation 3.


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