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Max Payne 3: First Impressions

After spending a day with Rockstar’s Max Payne 3,  BamDan616’s mind is officially blown! Read on after the jump to get his first impressions of the game.

BamDan616 says: Having been years since the last instalment of Max Payne, its fair to say that Max Payne 3 is a credit to the series. With a fresh look and graphics that I feel almost look next gen, the game has visually  blown my mind. The brutal aftermath of blood and the look of the exit wounds when you have finished off your last enemy are simply outstanding.

Rockstar have used a rolling narative to help tell the story of Max’s past and showing his downward spiral into drink and painkiller addiction, to help put  his troubled past to the back of his mind after losing his wife and daughter. The flashbacks between Max’s past and present, and the transitions they use to merge cutscenes are a nice touch . Having played around roughly 10 hours of the game  and nearly reaching the end, I cannot find a reason to put the game down. The story has me hooked, which is more than I can say for most games I have played recently. It is dark and compelling. Max’s sarcasm and the reasons he uses to justify just one more pain killer always leave me laughing to myself.

The game controls really well which is a nice bonus. When I first tried the free aim mode I never thought i’d get to grips with it but now, with a perfect blend of bullet time, I am pulling off amazing headshots and gruesome finishers. It never gets boring to see the graphic death of your final foe. The bullet dodge is one of my favourite aspects of the game. Theres nothing like a last attempt at diving away on the edge of death to try and take out the last enemy stopping you in your path to success.

The game itself is very challenging even on the easier difficulty setting. As frustrating as I find it sometimes, I always have the urge to push forward and never give up until I have completed the task at hand. Once I have overcome my current mission I am always greeted with a sense of reward that I managed to make it through on the brink of death. There aren’t many bad things I can say about this game in all honesty. So far it has been a pleasure to play.

The multiplayer aspect of Max Payne 3 is a nice add-on to the series. There are plenty of game modes to keep you entertained, long past completion of the main story. You can always return and play previously completed story chapters in arcade mode and compete with your friends (and people around the world) in Score Attack. This also allows you to return to levels to find any missed collectables or clues.

There are only a few minor negatives I can point out. If you do find you are brought down and have to restart from the last checkpoint, you cant always skip the cutscenes. This can sometimes be frustrating as you’ll want to jump right back in the action. The lack of painkillers can sometimes leave you feeling aggravated as it is easy to have your health brought down rapidly, leaving you to be extra cautious through areas of the game. Combine this with having to re-watch lengthy cutscenes and it can become a bore.

Overall from the time I have put into Max Payne so far (and with still four chapters left until I reach the end of this extraordinary game) it is safe to say that this  is by far one of the best releases  this year, with probably the best story line that any game this year has had to offer. This could possibly be one of the top contenders  for 2012’s game of the year. It is rare I find a game I can stand to play through a second time but this will be an exception, possibly receiving even a third play through.

Rockstar have done it again and given us  another masterpiece. I think we are all in agreement…..roll on Grand Theft Auto V. If i’ts a fraction of what Max Payne 3 has given us, we are certainly in for a treat.


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