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Hidden Relics: Sacred 2 Fallen Angel

Out there in the huge universe of gaming there are a only a few titles that I can say I still play years after their release. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is one of them. The first time Sacred 2: Fallen Angel caught my eye was when I was rumaging around at work, looking for something new and different that I hadn’t played before, that I wouldn’t be able to complete in the next 4 or 5 hours. Sacred 2 jumped out at me, after what seemed like ages skipping through shelf after shelf of familiar titles. After a bit of deliberation, I took the plunge and bought it.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is your typical dungeon crawler rpg, in an atypically massive open world. The world of Ancaria is absolutely huge. I found myself spending 20+ hours before I even left the game’s first island and could have easily spent the same time again raiding the games many, many dungeons. One of my favourite parts of this truely outstandingly crafted game is the number of different environments you get to encounter. Ranging from deserts to tropical rain forests and ancient ruins each area has its own unique feel and style. Sacred 2 engrosses you and you are never short of anything to do. There are literally thousands of quests including the main story and side quests. The main story consists of two campaigns, the Light and Shadow. Side quests can consist of going off to kill the leader of an evil clan, search and rescue missions or even venturing off to take part in a special test to recieve a unique mount. These mounts are different dependant on which character you begain the game with.

I think at this point it’s important to mention the different characters classes you can explore the world of Sacred 2 with. First we have the Seraphim, which is my personal favourite and the only character to appear in Sacred 2 that appeared in the original Sacred. The Seraphim is a purely good character and can only take part in the Light campaign. Her unique mount is a saber tooth tiger. Next up we have the Shadow Warrior. He is an undead warrior that died during a great battle. His unique mount is the hellhound. The High Elf is our third choice, being the mage out of the bunch. Her spells are deadly and her unique mount is the wind serpant. We next have the Dryad. She is a wood elf looking character thats specializes in voodoo and magic. Her unique mount is the giant lizard seen in the screenshot above. The Temple Guardian is the next option we are given. It is part cyborg and part canine giving it a sort of Anubis look. This class uses T-energy to annhiliate enemies on the battlefield. Its unique mount is the mobiculum. Last and not least we have the Inquisitor. He is of pure evil and therefore can only follow the shadow campaign. His unqiue mount is the giant spider.

As with all games, Sacred 2 has its fair share of glitches. None of which however will ruin your gaming experience.  You can even take the fun online with another friend and explore the world of Ancaria together. Sacred 2 can even be played in splitscreen for anyone at home who wants to jump in on the action. With hundreds of hours of gameplay and 6 characters to explore the world of Sacred with I highly recommend going out and finding a copy of this. I can guarantee in years to come you will still be having hours upon hours of fun with this overlooked masterpiece.


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