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The Daily Digest: 22 May 2012


The Ghost Recon Future Soldier reviews are in, the new Marvel MMO gets some exposure and Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2’s release date is announced.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier has a respectable metacritic score of 78 at the moment, with many reviewers giving the game a score of 80 or above. Most reviews praise the multiplayer of the game, appreciating the balance struck between sticking to the series’ tactical roots, whilst at the same time reaching out to fans that appreciate the more frenetic gameplay of modern shooters. Complaints about the game mainly centre around a weaker single player story, but that’s never been the main reason for playing a Ghost Recon title, so fingers crossed for some epic multiplayer co-op and adversarial goodness.

Kotaku broke news today about the first trailer for its free to play Marvel based MMO for the PC, Marvel Heroes. The character roster is already looking impressive and hopefully this should be available to download on PC soon.

Finally, the Europe release date for Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2 has been announced, with the fighter hitting shelves on September 14th for 360 and PS3. No news on the American release date yet, but you can bet it’s going to release around that date.


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