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The Daily Digest: 23 May 2012


Today’s Daily Digest gives out new details about Yakuza 5, a massive 25-year anniversary Street Fighter compilation and the current Metacritic score for Capcom’s Dragons Dogma.

Adriasang has translated an article on Yakuza 5 from the latest issue of Famitsu, which confirms the title will be built using an entirely new game engine. Osaka, Nagoya, Hokkaido and Fukuoka will all feature as locations in the game and the map will be significantly larger than previous Yakuza titles. Familiar faces like Kazuma, Saejima and Akiyama will return, along with Haruka. The title is scheduled to release in Japan in December 2012 but there is still no news on a Western localisation.

In fighting game news a 25-year anniversary edition of Street Fighter has been announced by Capcom today. The pack will include games from the Super Street Fighter era right up to Street Fighter x Tekken (with all the DLC) and these games will join Blu Ray videos and audio cds as part of an epic 15 disc collection. There will be other goodies in the mammoth pack, which will release in North America on 18th September, retailing at 149.99 dollars. No news on the EU release date or price yet, either.

Finally, Dragons Dogma is currently scoring 78 on Metacritc, with a pretty large variation in scores for what seems to be turning into a Marmite title for Capcom. There are as many good comments on this title as there are bad, so we’re going to take the plunge and get this one.


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