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The Daily Digest: 28 May 2012

In today’s Daily Digest: Halo 4 multiplayer beta leaks onto Youtube, Battlefield 3 Close Quarters VFX footage is released (along with details of the new “premium” service for the game) and Tequila Works’ new post-apocalyptic zombie-fest Deadlight is shaping up to be a cracker.

A noisy, expletive-ridden (not to mention terrible quality) video of the Halo 4 beta test has been uploaded to YouTube over the weekend. Does it give much away? Not really. It’s not an easy watch, with predictably bad picture quality and a fairly obnoxious soundtrack, but it does at least remind us that November 6 and Halo 4’s release is edging ever closer.

EA have released footage of Battlefield 3’s latest DLC,  Close Quarters. Due to release in June 2012, the video released today shows off the destructible furniture that players will blast through when the title is released. Nadab Göksu, the Senior VFX Artist confirms the more claustrophobic gameplay that will be featured in the new DLC, that will be emphasised through new explosive effects: “These are all changes that were essential in bringing the Battlefield indoors, where space is much tighter than on a traditional Battlefield map (like Caspian Border, for example)”. The “premium” COD Elite style service for the game has also been announced today, which will bring a sizeable number of maps, weapons and early access to content to those willing to pay £35/$60 for the required subscription.

Finally a new video of XBLA title Deadlight has piqued my interest.  It’s a zombie-drenched trawl through a post-apocalyptic city in the 1980’s and looks full to the brim with originality and character. An artistically strong title, Deadlight is a survival horror game that takes place in a beautifully rendered 2D environment. It’s a title that I’m going to be watching with interest over the next few weeks, while I’m catching up on the Walking Dead comic series.


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