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The Daily Digest: 29 May 2012

A new Guild Wars 2 Beta is scheduled for June, Zone of the Enders HD Collection is announced for PS3 and a 3DS Harvest Moon title is due later this year.

ArenaNet and NCSoft have announced that the second public beta test of the highly anticipated Guild Wars 2 will take place from 21:00 CEST (20:00 BST) Friday 8th June, until 08:59 CEST (07:59 BST) Monday 11th June.

ArenaNet’s Lead Producer, Chris Whiteside, provides further information on the ArenaNet blog, including that “existing characters have not been deleted, and you will be able to continue right where you left off”. Players can guarantee access to all Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend Events by pre-purchasing the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s, Digital Deluxe, or Standard/Digital Editions. Purchasers will also receive 3 days head-start access to the title and an exclusive Hero’s Band in-game item. Pre-purchase is available at buy.guildwars2.com or from selected retailers.

Kotaku have announced that Zone of the Enders HD Collection will release in Japan on October 25th. The special edition (see above) will come with two books on the series, a soundtrack remix album and special cover artwork (a version with the Z.O.E. 2167 Idolo blu-ray will cost slightly more).

Finally, a new Harvest Moon title has been announced for the 3DS. Players with an agricultural leaning and a micromanagement obsession will be able to  get their hands on Harvest Moon: A New Beginning sometime in 2012. Customisation will be key in this version: In addition to the ability to customize your character’s and farm’s appearance, you can also create park benches and topiary for the local citizens and a pet house for your farm.

A New Beginning will feature new animals (like llamas and yaks), new crops to harvest and new characters, as the player tries to entice the residents of Echo Village back to their homes after what appears to be a mass exodus. After 15 years of the series being released in the West it’ll be interesting to see  if it truly will be a new beginning for the franchise or just another iteration with minor tweaks and changes.


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