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Dragon’s Dogma: First Impressions

A week in (and for many weeks to come), Bamdan616 is getting his claws sunk into Dragon’s Dogma.

I’ve played Dragon’s Dogma for a week now and I finally feel I’m starting to get somewhere with the game. I think it’s important to mention that Dragon’s Dogma is not for the faint of heart. It’s extremely challenging and requires a lot of time to be put into it. With the checkpoints being so few and far between, regular saving is a must which may frustrate some players. However the game itself is a marvel to behold. The scenery and the sheer size of the area to  explore is amazing. It’s not on the same scale as games like Skyrim, but it’s still large enough to keep you exploring for many hours.

The combat works well. It is a good blend of hack and slash with your assigned special moves which can be activated through pushing either LB/RB and X or Y on the Xbox 360 and R1/R2 and square, circle or triangle on the Playstation 3. Pawns are a unique addition to Dragon’s Dogma. You can have a team of up to four characters (pawns) including yourself. You are given one main pawn towards the begining of the game and then once you have reached a certain part, you will be able to access The Rift to spend rift crystals on other online players’ pawns to aid you in battle. This is a good feature; if another player chooses to use your main pawn, any information or experience gained in that person’s game will be brought back into yours, to help you. I find that my pawns are usually more powerful than my main character. This sometimes leaves me feeling a bit empty, as although my character is the hero of the game I always seem to be the weaker of the four. Don’t get me wrong though, the pawns that fight alongside you are extremely helpful, whether it’s pointing you in the right direction when lost in a quest or sharing tactics about how to take down enemies.

One of things I adore about Dragon’s Dogma is the armor and weaponry. At the beginning you are given what are essentially rags. You have to work hard to earn enough gold to purchase better armour. This can take a while but leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment knowing that you really have earned it. As you progress you feel your character growing and becoming the hero you set out to be.

I think one of my favourite things about Dragon’s Dogma is the sense of acomplishment you get when you slay an enormous enemy. The encounters are random too, so you never know what’s around the corner. These fights can last a fair amount of time, so be sure to always carry around the essential items. Dragon’s Dogma is an RPG like I’ve never played before. It is challenging in every aspect and doesn’t hold your hand along the way. It’s hard to be disappointed with this unique title. With still many hours left of the main story, Dragon’s Dogma will see me (and many more of you out there) right the way through the summer. Capcom have really outdone themselves this time around.


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