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The Elder Scrolls Online: E3 Teaser Trailer

More news emerges from E3 about Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls themed MMO, with details on the game’s mechanics, plot and factions.

An MMO of The Elder Scrolls is something many of us have dreamed of for years. Not much is known about this game yet, but we do know some information you may be interested in.

All we know about the main plot so far is that Mannimarco, a Necromancer who founded the “Order of the Black Worm” cult,  is working with the Daedric Prince Molag Bal to take over and rule all of Tamriel. You play an adventurer who has had their soul stolen by Molag Bal and it’s your job to get it back and restore peace to all of Tamriel at the same time. This all takes place 1000 years before the events in Skyrim. The Elder Scrolls Online takes place in Tamriel and features the provonces of Cyrodiil, Skyrim and Elsweyr.

Zenimax Studios has confirmed there will be four factions in the game. These will be The Dark Brotherhood, The Fighters Guild, The Mages Guild and The Thieves Guild. Due to the game being online it will not feature the same real time combat featured in previous Elder Scrolls games and will instead be more reliant on the Stamina bar, using it to carefully plan your attacks and blocks. This will vary by which class you use.

Key changes to the game will consist of:

  • A third person perspective with skills active from a hotbar
  • Players won’t be able to invest in properties as in previous Elder Scrolls games
  • Players cannot contract vampirism or become a werewolf even though they will be featured in the game
  • You cannot fast travel from any point in the map, but fast travel is still available from certain points on the map
  • Mundus Stones will be found across the map that grant the user specific bonuses once activated
  • Public dungeons will return
  •  A new A.I systems will be used for all NPC’s


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