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Gears Of War Judgement: Multiplayer Screenshots

Gears of War Judgement is shaping up rather well. If you don’t believe us, take a look at some multiplayer screenshots after the jump.

Gears of War mulitplayer has always been one of the series strong parts, keeping players online for hours. GOW: Judgement looks like it will be no exception and we’ll be sinking even more time into the online aspect of the game.

The game is going to include an all-new multiplayer mode, OverRun. Videos from this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con shows the new mode in action, with two teams of five battling it out over control of a generator.

A highlight will be giving players the opportunity to ride a Bloodmount while teams take it in turns to attack and defend the machine.

The gameplay in OverRun will be class based and will pit a human team against a team of locusts. Gears of War Judgement has an expected Western release date of 19th March 2013, so get geared up and be ready to get online!


One comment on “Gears Of War Judgement: Multiplayer Screenshots

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