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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: Skin Pack DLC 1 Announced

What we have all been waiting for: the first Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition DLC has been announced.

Coming today (16 July), you will be able to download the first Skin Pack for Minecraft on your Xbox 360s. It’s a tiny file to download, but it’s packed full of content. There is a free trial of the DLC, if you want to try a few of the skins out before you buy.

The pack will feature the following skins:

1. Creeper
2. SquidMan
3. Zombie
4. Herobrine
5. Jack of Blades, Fable Heroes
6. Hero, Fable Heroes
7. Garth, Fable Heroes
8. Reaver, Fable Heroes
9. Hammer, Fable Heroes
10. Locust Drone, Gears of War
11. Clayton Carmine, Gears of War
12. Cole, The Cole Train, Gears of War
13. Master Chief, Halo
14. Covenant Grunt, Halo
15. Covenant Brute, Halo
16. Banjo, Banjo-Kazooie
17. Grunty, Banjo-Kazooie
18. Bottles the Mole, Banjo-Kazooie
19. Tooty, Banjo-Kazooie
20. Mumbo Jumbo, Banjo-Kazooie
21. Klungo, Banjo-Kazooie
22. Trials man, Trials HD
23. Freestyle, Trials Evolution
24. Old-School, Trials Evolution
25. Biker, Trials Evolution
26. Combat, Trials Evolution
27. ‘Splosion Man, ‘Splosion Man
28. Scientist Wilson, ‘Splosion Man
29. Scientist Danklef, ‘Splosion Man
30. Ms. ‘Splosion Man, Ms. ‘Splosion Man
31. Mandy Elite, Ms. ‘Splosion Man
32. Racing Driver 1
33. Racing Driver 2
34. Racing Driver 3
35. Racing Driver 4
36. Nurse
37. Prisoner
38. Victorian Swimmer
39. Deep Sea Diver
40. King
41. Queen
42. Jester
43. Knight Templar
44. Black Knight
45. Wizard

All 45 skins will only set you back 160 Microsoft points, so is well worth the price for avid Minecraft fans.


One comment on “Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: Skin Pack DLC 1 Announced

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