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Earthbound Mondays #4

It’s the calm after the storm this week as things start to wind down after defeating Mr. Carpainter and disbanding the Happy Happyism cult.

There’s been a definite change of pace in this week’s Earthbound session. Every sitting I’ve played of Earthbound so far has had some fairly momentous events: The discovery of a UFO, my first proper boss fight, the introduction of PSI powers, finding a Sound Stone and a new member joining my party. This week’s playthrough is less eventful but  it’s no less enjoyable as I seem to have found the rhythm of the game. I’m happy just to wander through new locations, speak to NPCs and level up my party as I work my way towards the next Sound Stone.

This is what Ness and the gang have gotten up to this week:

  • Experienced homesickness for the first time and had to phone home to remove the status effect.
  • Realised I’ve accumulated a ton of new PSI skills, but I’m largely still just using Life Up and Rockin A. Time to diversify and mix the battles up a bit!
  • Equipped Paula with the frying pan and desperately tried to upgrade her clothing to give her a bit more DEF.
  • Welcomed Paula’s extra inventory space, I no longer have dilemmas over what to carry and what to leave behind.
  • Made my way back to Twoson to help the Runaway Five out of sticky debt-related situation.
  • Made my way to Lilliput Steps, molested by several bears and moles who like to play rough along the way. Who says games can’t imitate life?
  • Reached the second Sanctuary, ready for my next boss fight.

So, not much to reflect on this week. I’ve hit a fairly Zen state in terms of the flow of the game and its mechanics. I’m still not finding moving between areas and scenarios a chore and amazingly I’m actually looking forward to my next random encounter to see what bizarre mob is coming up next. Meeting the super chilled Runaway Five reminded me of just how effortlessly damn cool this game is sometimes. I could ramble on about my encounter with the Five and not do them justice but I think this song is worth a thousand words, courtesy of Youtube user . Enjoy!

This is the last Earthbound Monday in the series, but I’ll be doing a retrospective on the whole game once I’ve completed it, It should arrive some time in early 2013.


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